Undergraduate minor degree Information

A minor in Educational Leadership & Administration is available to a student receiving a bachelor’s degree from another department in the university. The minor in Educational Leadership &  Administration is designed to be useful to the undergraduate who is preparing to work as a teacher or support person in an educational organization, including schools, community colleges, universities and for educational position in business, industry and government.

Minor: Educational Leadership & Administration (18 credits) 

 ELA 215 ( 3 credits), Multicultural Leadership

ELA 255 ( 3 credits), Leadership and Change in Education                                                              

ELA 342 ( 3 credits), Current Issues in Educational Administration

ELA 398 ( 3 credits), Special Topics in Education

ELA 450 ( 3 credits), Principles of Education Law and Policy                                      

ELA 455 ( 3 credits), Principles of Education and Budgeting and Finance

Note: ELA minor courses are not offered every semester. Contact ELA office for a list of current course offerings.