ELDP Application Portfolio Submission Instructions

Welcome & Bienvenidos! We are glad you are considering applying to the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program (ELDP)!

My name is Azadeh Farrah Osanloo and I am an Associate Professor, the Stan Fulton Endowed Chair in Education, and the Interim Academic Department Head in the Department of Educational Leadership & Administration. We are pleased to receive applications for the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program (ELDP), which will begin in the Fall of 2017. You will find all the information about the application process on the ELDP webpage. Important to note: this is a two-step process. You will apply to the Graduate School through one process and to our department through another process. We can neither process documents that the Graduate School requires nor can they process documents that we require. Additionally, please know it can take several weeks for the Graduate School to receive official transcripts from institutions you previously attended. As such, we recommend that you request these from your past institutions as soon as possible.

To assist you in the application process, we have created a checklist of steps to complete (it is posted with the application materials). If you have questions along the way, please feel free to email our Programs Coordinator, Denise Rodriguez-Strawn at harley@nmsu.edu.

I wish you the best of luck as you embark on this professional and transformational social justice journey.

ELDP Admission Instructions

  • Completion of NMSU Graduate School application: http://gradschool.nmsu.edu/
  • Payment of NMSU Graduate School application fee of $45
  • Transcripts from all institutions of higher education previously attended (other than NMSU) received by NMSU Admissions
  • Submission of ELDP Application Portfolio directly to ELA Department

ELDP Application Portfolio Submission Instructions

(Click here for Printable version of ELDP Instructions of these instructions.)

All ELDP portfolios must be postmarked by 5:00 pm MST on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Applications received past the deadline will not be accepted. Incomplete ELDP portfolios will not be considered.

The ELDP portfolio must be submitted in a 3-ring binder with tab index dividers separating each section. The materials must be arranged as indicated by the Doctoral Admission Portfolio Checklist (link to the checklist is provided in Section 1 below).

In order to complete and submit your portfolio, please follow the instructions below, provided to you by section.

Section 1: You will need to download and print the Doctoral Admission Portfolio Checklist. Place a check mark by completed tasks. The checklist should be placed first in your binder.

Section 2: Request official copies of transcripts from every higher education institution you have attended (other than NMSU) to be sent directly to NMSU Admissions using one of the addresses provided below. (Official transcripts of courses taken from NMSU do not have to be requested.) Although no content is required for this section in the portfolio, applicants may include: a receipt, confirmation of ordered transcripts, or a page stating transcripts were ordered in Section 2.

Note:  The online application may require uploading of transcripts to continue.  If this occurs, please upload a copy of receipt or confirmation of ordered transcripts, or a typed page stating transcripts were ordered.


New Mexico State University/Admissions 

Educational Services Building

1780 E. University, Suite 301

Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003

USPS Mail:


New Mexico State University NMSU Admissions 

P.O. Box 30001, MSC 3A

Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003


Section 3: Complete on-line Graduate School Application and pay application fee of $45.  Although no content is required for this section in the portfolio, applicants may include:  confirmation of submitted application, receipt of $45 payment, or a typed page stating online application was completed and application fee was paid.

Note:  Program and degree information for online application should be entered as follows:

  • Intended Major:  Educational Administration
  • Concentration None: None
  • Degree Expected:  Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) OR Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D)
  • Semester when you plan to start:  2018 Fall

International applicants:  Click here for additional application requirements. International applicants click to apply here.

Section 4: Download, fill out, and print the ELA Program & Degree Selection Form.

Section 5: Submit a letter of interest addressed to the ELA Admissions Committee describing your career goals and reason(s) for pursuing the degree you are seeking (PhD or EdD). Click here for a description of each degree.

Section 6: Submit a current résumé or curriculum vitae.

Section 7: Download, print, and read the instructions for the Writing Assignment. In no more than four double-spaced pages please respond to the writing assignment according to the instructions.

Section 8: Submit a letter of support from your current work supervisor. As a department, we want to ensure that you have her or his support in your pursuit of this endeavor.

Section 9: Download, print, and provide three reference forms using the ELA Department’s letter of reference form. Please have your references fill out the form and return it to you in a sealed envelope with the author’s signature and date across the sealed flap of the envelope.  Note:  please include only the last four digits of your social security number on the letter of reference forms.

Section 10: Download, fill out, and print Interview Agreement Form.


Portfolios can be delivered in person or mailed directly to ELA Department.  The ELA Department is located on the second floor of O’Donnell Hall, Room 205.  When mailing portfolios please use one of the addresses listed on the Doctoral Admission Portfolio Checklist.

ELDP Portfolios received after 5 pm MST on January 17, 2018 will not be accepted.  Incomplete portfolios will not be considered.