Educational Leadership Doctoral Program (ELDP)

Our next cohort will be Fall 2021.

The ELA component mission is upheld and practiced in the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program (ELDP). ELDP represents the unique opportunity and responsibility ELA has to prepare educational leaders for socially just leadership, to foster educational programs, and to meet the needs of students across the state and along the U.S./Mexico border.

Students in ELDP should anticipate the academic rigor that ELA embraces as its mission and that NMSU maintains as an educational-leadership-degree-programs-best-online-programs“Extensive Research University.” In meeting the needs of its doctoral students, the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program offers the following degrees:

Areas of focus for both degrees: Pk-12 Educational Administration; Community College Administration; University Administration.

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  • Concurrent Enrollment

    Concurrent enrollment refers to taking course work for two or more programs in Educational Leadership and Development (ELA) simultaneously. Enrollment in one ELA program is academically challenging, thus students accepted into the Master of Arts (Pk-12 or Higher Education), Ed.D., or Ph.D. program are not allowed to take courses in another program concurrently.


    • Master’s Degree
    • Completion of NMSU Graduate School application:
      • Payment of NMSU Graduate School application fee of $45
    • Transcripts from all institutions of higher education previously attended (other than NMSU) received by NMSU Admissions
    • Submission of ELDP Application Portfolio directly to ELA Department

    Program Delivery

    • Cohort model
    • Hybrid: face-to-face and distance education delivery
      • Approximately 80% of attendance is face-to-face and 20% will be online.
    • Mandatory participation in orientation on Saturday, July 24, 2021 (Tentative until cohort is selected).

    Required Credit Hours

    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.): Educational Administration, 63 credits (see Ed.D. handbook under “Admissions” tab)
    • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): Educational Administration, 78 credits (includes 15 credits of cognate courses in one of the following areas) / (see Ph.D. handbook under “Admissions” tab)
      • Examples of possible cognates disciplines:
        • Child and Family Development
        • Communication
        • Feminist/Gender Studies
        • Latino/a Studies
        • Native American Studies
        • Program Evaluation/Data Analysis
        • Research Methods
        • Social Justice/Critical Theory
        • Sociocultural Theory
        • Gender and Sexuality Studies
        • Critical Race Theory/LatCrit

  • Required Courses

    Fall: 2 classes, 6 credit hours

    • ELA 620 Organizational Theory
    • ELA 685 Elements of Research

    Spring: 2 classes, 6 credit hours

    • ELA 622 Quantitative Research I
    • ELA 623 Qualitative Research I

    Summer: 2 classes, 6 credit hours

    • ELA 630 Concepts of Leadership in Education
    • ELA 671 Foundations of Educational Administration

    Fall: 2 classes, 6 credit hours

    • ELA 682 Quantitative Research II
    • ELA 670 Advanced Internship I

     Spring: 3 classes, 9 credit hours

    • ELA 683 Qualitative Research II
    • ELA 670 Advanced Internship II
    • ELA 650 Higher Education Law (CC/Univ) or ELA 679 Public School Law (PK-12)

    Summer: 3 classes, 9 credits

    • ELA 635 Scholarly Writing & the Southwest Border
    • ELA 689 Evaluation Design in Education
    • ELA 655 Higher Education Finance and Funding (CC/Univ) or ELA 676 Education Financial Management (PK-12)

    Fall: 1 class, 3 credits

    • ELA 693 Dissertation Seminar

    Spring: 6 credit hours

    • ELA 700 Doctoral Dissertation

    Fall: 6 credits

    • ELA 700 Doctoral Dissertation

    Spring: 6 credit hours

    • ELA 700 Doctoral Dissertation

  • Admission Requirements

    Beginning September 28, 2020, applicants will be able to submit the following electronically to the graduate school:

    • Legible copies of all transcripts must be uploaded
    • Make sure to select Fall 2021 for the admission semester 
    • ELA Program & Degree Selection Form (Please send this, after you have submitted your application to the Graduate School).
    • A letter of intent/purpose (This will be uploaded during the Graduate School Admission Process).
      • Letter of intent – answer these three questions:

        A. What are your career aspirations?

        B. How can our program help you achieve those career goals?

        C. With which faculty member do your proposed plans/research align?

    • Current Résumé or Curriculum Vitae (This will be uploaded during the Graduate School Admission Process).
    • A writing sample (four – five pages in length)(This will be uploaded during the Graduate School Admission Process).
    • Statement of Support from Current Employer (This will be uploaded during the Graduate School Admission Process).
    • Three confidential letters of reference, which will be directly completed and/or uploaded on the graduate school application portal. You must waive your right to view!!!!
    • Interview Agreement Form (Please send this, after you have submitted your application to the Graduate School).

    Application Deadline

    We will begin accepting applications for the 2021 Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Cohort beginning September 28, 2020. The deadline for submitting applications and/or supplemental materials for this program is January 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm MST.

    Click here for the: Ed.D Student Handbook

    Click here for the: Ph.D. Doctoral Handbook

    Click here for the ELDP Brochure


    New Mexico State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This program is accredited by The Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP).

    For more information

    Please do not hesitate to contact the School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership, if you have any questions related to ELDP.  Feel free to send an e-mail message to or call (575) 646-3593.